Brainchild of UFC co-founder Dana White, season 22 of The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor vs. Team Faber pits top European and American lightweights to determine who will be The Ultimate Fighter. Sounds like a kick-ass concept to us! Fox Sports 1 came to us with an opportunity to help them create various explosive promo spots and package. STATE was more than happy to step into the ring and deliver that 1-2 punch that Fox was looking for.





STATE Design Credits:
Creative Director – Marcel Ziul
Producer: Alex dos Santos
General Manager: Tais Marcelo
Coordinator: Natalia Baldochi
Art Director: Marcel Ziul
Animators: Phil Guthrie, Luis Suarez (Lucho), Mauro Borba, Victor Silva, Marcel Ziul, Ken Pelletier
Designers: Ken Quemuel, Ken Lee, Marcel Ziul
Roto: CG Lab

FS1 Credits:
EVP/Head of Marketing: Robert Gottlieb
SVP On-Air Promotions: Bill Battin
VP Creative: Blake Danforth
VP Marketing: Keith Hritz
Creative Director: Steven Lewis
Director On-Air Promotions: Claudina Mercado
Audio: Chris Fina
Editor: Jeff Skinner