After months of close client collaboration, ESPN’s Special Olympics: World Games promos and graphics package was released onto the sporting world. A study of color and shape, this expansive promo and graphics package covered all bases—from big sweeping opens, down to the lowly bug. We created and animated every package element imaginable!








STATE Design Credits:
Creative Director – Marcel Ziul
Producer: Alex dos Santos
General Manager: Tais Marcelo
Animators: Fabian Garzon, Rodrigo Gusmão, Mauro Borba, Sam Kim, Phil Guthrie, Marcel Ziul
Designers: Sebastian Onufsak, Marcos Vaz, Marcel Ziul, Bruna Imai

ESPN Credits:
Creative Director – Christopher Pelczynski

Art Director – Anthony Perez
Graphic Designer – Chris Cerros
Graphic Designer – Mike Nicoll
Graphic Designer – Jenna Palermo
Producers: Bill Bonnell, Kate Jackson, Colleen Flannery